Co-operation with NGOs in developing countries

INTER-ACTIE is an NGO that co-operates with partner NGOs in developing countries to support their efforts and to enhance their capacities. INTER-ACTIE offers assistance to non-governmental organisations in the identification and design of rural, agricultural and natural resource development initiatives, particularly with regard to small-scale farms, family enterprises and more generally related to livelihood issues. INTER-ACTIE also provides technical support in the implementation of projects.

INTER-ACTIE can help to identify the professional assistance and support needs of partner NGOs, in order to enhance their capacity to serve their target groups. INTER-ACTIE can subsequently assist in the implementation of the needed assistance, by linking them with competent and highly motivated specialists. Through its network of associates, INTER-ACTIE has access to a pool of national and international experts whose experience can be made available for training, coaching, technical advice, and specialist backstopping if so required. INTER-ACTIE mediates between local NGOs and the expertise they need.

Project identification and formulation for donor agencies
INTER-ACTIE offers assistance to partner NGOs in the identification of potential donor agencies and the drafting of proposals in the specific format requested by a particular donor. INTER-ACTIE may act as an intermediary between donors and local NGOs.

Project Review, Monitoring and Evaluation
On the request on donor agencies, INTER-ACTIE can conduct project review missions and assist them in the monitoring and evaluation of projects that are supported by them. The work is conducted on the basis of mutually agreed terms of reference and reports will be drafted in accordance with the format requested by the agency.

Facilitation of global awareness raising activities
Through its practical involvement in development projects worldwide and its network of associates, development workers and consultants, INTER-ACTIE is in an excellent position to contribute to global awareness raising activities. INTER-ACTIE is able to facilitate workshops on development issues and organise exchange visits for groups involved in rural development activities.