INTER-ACTIE is participating in Wetland Action. Wetland Action is a not-for-profit European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) that supports the sustainable management of wetlands in an ecologically sound and socially sensitive manner. It is also known as Sustaiable Livelihood Action. It assists communities in the multiple use of wetlands through the development and exchange of knowledge about sustainable uses.
By helping raise awareness of the value of wetlands and ways to manage them sustainably, these areas will be seen more positively and their future as wetlands will be better assured.

is strongly supported by Capricorn Projekt BV, (CP), that took over the initial role of RDP International B.V a consultancy firm specialised in sustainable livelihoods development, natural resources management, livestock production and veterinary services and agriculture and agri-business development. RDP was established in 1988 and operates in several African, Asian and Eastern European countries, enjoying a reputation of reliability and commitment. CP is known among the key decision makers of bilateral and multilateral donor agencies; CP experts also participate in major international fora and policy consultations. Therefore, from its inception, INTER-ACTIE has become part of a well established network of public and private contacts, including donors, training institutions, national governments, NGOs and consultancy firms.

INTER-ACTIE is associated with Keepers Zambia Foundation (KZF), an NGO for sustainable livelihood issues in rural communities in agro-livestock and resource management.

INTER-ACTIE is associated with the Ethio-Wetlands and Natural resources Association (EWNRA), an NGO for sustainable livelihood issues in rural communities in wetland areas.

INTER-ACTIE actively pursues collaboration with similar NGOs in other countries, and where possible will support their establishment.