1997 India Livelihood promotion for Dalit Communities through Animal Husbandry; a study identifying the possibilities for livestock development activities within the Dalit communities

1997 Zambia Review of the Livestock Development Programme; evaluation of project performance, reflection on technical and institutional issues such as community participation and production of recommendations.

1997 India International Conference on Ethnoveterinary Medicine; input at an international conference in Pune.

1998 Sudan Appraisal of Vetwork Sudan, an NGO operating in South Sudan, offering community based veterinary services.

2000 Ethiopia Assisting the Ethiopian Wetlands Research Project with the setting up of the NGO Ethio-Wetlands and Natural Resources Association dealing with sustainable development and livelihood protection in wetland areas

2001 NL/UK Participation as initiator in establishment of Sustainable Livelihood Action as an international not-for-profit organization.

2002 Ethiopia Impact Evaluation of the community based Animal Health Services Program Delivery System and for Emergency Veterinary Intervention implemented set up by Lay Volunteers International Association (LVIA) in Moyale Woreda, Somali Region